Marketing & Promotions contracts with public relations firms that excel on both national and international fronts by combining the publicity efforts of New York, Los Angeles and London based staffing.  This gives your products an advantage in achieving international exposure and securing significant bookings and placements worldwide.  We back our street promotions with national and regional press, online PR, digital marketing, and social networking. We are excited by the prospect of working with you to push and gain exposure for your product (s).

We constantly seek coverage – both mainstream as well as the more unique and niche outlets – and continually develop your story and brand, making clear that this is an innovative and fresh concept here to stay. We will continue to cultivate your current fan base and attract new product lovers, maximize exposure whilst continuing to grow, support and promote your brand.

Our focus is to parlay all current assets and experience into a solid grass-roots campaign on a national level that will allow the masses to discover your product (s) – both within New York City and around the country – and providing ways for fans to share it with their friends. A dedicated digital media marketing staff will develop all facets of your brand and present it to the public in an organized, deliberate and targeted campaign. works with a team of international, national and regional publicists (where applicable) backing our customers brands.  They are aggressive in the pursuit of online, print, radio network and TV press opportunities. Constant communication is an integral component in all our campaigns; we, as a rule, conduct campaigns with the professionalism befitting your product (s) of high stature. All requests warrant immediate responses and interviews (in-person, phone, e-mail) and are prioritized and relayed to our customers so that we remain as organized and informative as possible.

At, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box - we are careful never to limit our customers. We always pitch our dsd distributors for any sensible collaboration that comes across our desks and will strive to promote your brand far beyond the realm of straight press. We take the time to get to know consumers, thus discovering special interests, interesting anecdotes and otherwise unrelated aspects of your product (s). We parlay this often unrelated information into press opportunities, which hits an entire otherwise untapped market.’s strength lies within its PR firms which emphasizes your company's story and brings the best ‘face’ to the widest possible audience. The thorough and innovative campaigns and the tenacious drive of our publicists will help Your Brand reach new levels of success.’s goal with our customers is to craft a unique, highly customized approach: One that compliments and supports the market share positioning and strength of Your Brand. We then cast a wide net in reaching out to the broadest possible range of media – magazines, newspapers, syndicated radio, television and the internet – to ensure that Your Brand is viewed with favor within the major media markets.

Overall goals are as follows:

  • Create a presence in the 24 major media markets across the USA
  • Press releases at each stage of development, and inserted into timeline.
  • Arrange strategic interviews
  • Identify appropriate spokespeople and/or media champions throughout the campaign
  • Craft general features stories



Our PR firms employees all have slightly different backgrounds and bring to their work very different points-of-view.  The qualities they all share are creativity and persistence.  When they team up on a project there is nobody that can do a better job.  Over the years each of them has made many contacts in the media and has strong relationships in many different types of media that are combined for successful campaigns.  To add to these they utilize the media research resource CisionPoint, where they can research the most recent staffing and location changes and keep up to date with media of all types all over the world.

They have found that identifying target audiences is mainly a matter of listening to consumer talk. Social media will provide an excellent forum for Your Company to discover who is looking for your 'products' and why they are seeking them out.  When we know who our audience is and what would motivate them, can help build multimedia campaigns designed to play upon their desires and activate them.

Over the history of our PR firms and of each of their employees, they have had deep, meaningful interaction with press of all kinds (print, tv, online, radio network, etc) and at all levels (a, b and c-level media).  They have already built up clients from unknown status to international superstar status.  One of the main secrets of their success understanding 'the other side,' meaning they look at the plight of the current journalist (minimal staffing, barrage of publicist inquiries, etc).  thry aim to make the journalist's job easier by creating Your Brands materials that can be used as stories and sending everything a journalist needs to run a story up front, so they don't need to chase for it.  Coming up with story angles is another specialty of our PR Firm – merely asking a journalist to cover a product is not enough these days to be a success.  They create great success due to their thorough preparation and consideration of the journalist's circumstances.


Everything we execute is intentionally crafted to boost your Company's relevance in the media and cultural realm of New York City – and beyond. The goal is not only to continue to engage loyal fans, but to continuously gain new followers. The rapidly changing marketplace conditions require a nimble strike force able to engage in unconventional warfare.  And we all love that challenge!


  • Assessment and gathering of assets
  • Creation of campaign timeline
  • Assessment of current products/services
  • Writing of press release’s to announce distribution partnerships
  • Assessment of photos
  • Organization of photo shoot if needed



At your discretion sends questionnaires to be completed by dsd distributor’s sales force, to get to know everyone more personally. This provides the opportunity to add things/interests that will enhance our efforts, geared around your customer base.


A session (or multiple sessions) can be conducted with dsd distributors sales force in-person to educate on how to handle the media and how to best express your message direct to consumers. This includes messaging, delivery, handling of tough questions/sensitive subjects, damage control, etc.


We can join your team, and work with you to establish our timeline. Throughout the campaign you can expect:

  • Proper announcements / press releases will be written to surround any news and developments (i.e.

appearances, expansions, collaborations, celeb endorsements, charitable involvement, etc.)

  • Writing of media alerts to highlight events and accomplishments
  • Across the board and continued media outreach to a variety of long and short lead print, television, radio, online outlets, both nationally and regionally ( is PRO-Active)
  • National and Regional (where applicable) print/online reviews and features will be secured
  • All media requests will be assessed and arranged accordingly
  • Assembly of press kit





Celebrity endorsers with the right fit, to be a featured guest. Our PR firms research and pitch any cross promotional opportunities – Your Brand for the audience etc.

  • Conan
  • Ellen
  • FOX and Friends
  • The Wendy Williams Show
  • Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen ….and more!



  • ABC
  • NBC
  • Fox News
  • Huffington Post
  • Village Voice
  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Times
  • New York Daily News
  • New York Post
  • Times Square Magazine
  • Manhattan Desserts Restaurant Examiner
  • Eater NY
  • New York Magazine (Grub Street)
  • Daily Candy
  • Metro
  • Gotham Thrillist

….and more!


  • Inside F&B
  • Joonbug
  • Food Network
  • Better Homes & Gardens
  • Bon Appétit
  • Family Circle
  • Food & Wine
  • Rachel Ray’s Everyday Living
  • Cooks Illustrated
  • Cooks Country
  • Nickelodeon Parents Connect
  • Martha Stewart Newsletter
  • The Daily Meal

….and more!


  • Barefoot Foodie
  • com
  • Cute Food For Kids
  • Food Gal
  • Food Mafia
  • Food Mamma
  • NYC Foodie
  • Always Order Dessert
  • Cool Mom Picks
  • Sweet Fix NYC
  • Think Tasty
  • Pursuitist

….and more!


  • Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Fast Company INC.
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Crain’s
  • Fortune
  • Bloomberg News ….and more!

MORNING / MIDDAY TELEVISION (with potential snack food segments):

  • Good Day NY (Fox)
  • Good Morning America
  • PIX 11 Morning News
  • Kathie Lee & Hoda
  • The Today Show
  • CBS This Morning
  • New York Live (NBC)
  • LX TV (in-cab television)
  • Everyday Food (Martha Stewart)
  • Rachel Ray

…and more!


  • BlackBook
  • First
  • Marie Claire

More Magazine

Travel & Leisure …and more!


  • Arizona Republic (PHX)
  • Boston Globe (BOS)
  • Boston Herald (BOS)
  • Chicago Sun Times (CHI)
  • Chicago Tribune (CHI)
  • Cleveland Free Times (CLE)
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer (CLE)
  • Cleveland Scene (CLE)
  • Creative Loafing (Southeast USA)
  • Daily News (NY)
  • Dallas Morning News (DFW)
  • Denver Post (DEN)
  • Des Moines Register (DES)
  • Florida Times-Union (JAX)
  • Great Falls Tribune (MT)
  • Harder Beat (TX)
  • Houston Chronicle (HOU)
  • Los Angeles Times (LA)
  • LA Weekly (LA)
  • Miami Herald (MIA)
  • New York Post (NY)
  • New York Times (NY)
  • Orlando Sentinel (ORL)
  • Philadelphia Inquirer (PHI)
  • Phoenix New Times (PHX)
  • Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PIT)
  • San Diego Union Tribune (SAD)
  • Soundings (Military)
  • St Louis Post-Dispatch (STL)
  • The Aquarian (NY/NJ)
  • Village Idiot (NCAR)
  • Washington Post (DC)
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette (MA) …and more!



There are often opportunities for exposure outside the box. If, for example, we cater a star-studded event and a celebrity comes by your table, we are able to parlay photos and/or footage for exclusive placement into magazines, etc. Our PR firms have close relationships with wire agencies, crews and photographers of all kinds.

Placements could include outlets like People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, US Weekly, Access Hollywood, OK!, E! News, Extra, Life & Style, Gawker, Page Six, etc. In the same vein, should we cater a fashion party, for example, if our PR firms were to partner you with a socialite type, they would pitch outlets like Women’s Wear Daily, Vogue,, etc.


Our PR firms have the most comprehensive list of online press outlets available.  In addition to their own lists, they have access to highly trafficked online press release distribution sites.  Our PR firms will introduce Your Brand to many different outlets covering everything from cuisine and desserts to websites covering the latest and greatest happenings in the world of pop culture.


We do our best to procure contest prizes for our distributor’s sales force



With the growth of the internet and the current landscape of the digital world, people (consumers) are more intune to visuals and imagery than ever before. Prior to visiting our online presence, people are introduced to our visual representation (logo), color scheme and story online. Our strategies will align the overall vision of Your Brand and maintain a cohesive tone throughout all platforms and avenues of the web. a) Tools

  • Photoshop – We will utilize Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 to illuminate the brand across the social networks in the form of banners and interactive images. Our PR firms also re-skin all social networks with up-to-date visuals and images.
  • HTML Programming - They are experienced in HTML coding. A focal point of most campaigns is designing and coding customizable Facebook tabs that showcase visual elements, while allowing users to interact with the page. Incentivized opportunities encourage people to “like” the page in exchange for an exclusive discount or offer.
  • Movie editing – Webisodes (video updates) are an important part of showcasing Your Brands personality and story.



In order to be successful with social media, our PR firms focus on the key sites and build your audience within them.  They always strive to create a cohesive direction across all social media platforms, and manage the pages on an everyday basis. From posting status updates, to running interactive contests, we always ensure consumer activity and involvement.

Facebook – 

Twitter – 


Youtube - 

Instagram - 

The main objective is to provide a creative and satisfying digital marketing and full court US Press campaign that truly reflects a product promotional tour. Our PR firms want the approach to remain organic and not contrived but still create a buzz that draws in fans and connects with your consumer base. believes in communication, strategy, and partnership throughout the campaign.  We are a PROACTIVE firm, NOT a reactive one. We are passionate about the work we are doing as well as becoming big fans of Your Brands.