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Industry Summary:

Distributorship.com is a purveyor of superior quality distributorship opportunities. In 1972, there were 348,200 wholesale distributors throughout the USA, generating more than $684 billion worth of wholesale distribution business (The American Marketing Association). Industry experts believe by the end of 2017, there will be over 500K distributors in the USA, with wholesale distribution sales exceeding $3 trillion dollars.


Corporate Mission:

Distributorship.com is established and committed to becoming a premier supplier of wholesale distributorships in the United States. We strive to develop our network of distributors, by guiding them into superior supply channels. Our goal is to capture 1% of the wholesale distribution profit share in America.
Social Responsibility:

Distributorship.com’s primary purpose is to enhance the spiritual, social, intellectual, and emotional well-being of all people throughout the world by promoting good causes. Distributorship.com helps to inform the public, furthering the development of our social and economic responsibilities. Distributorship.com also provides donations to non-profit charitable organizations.
Economic Responsibility:

Distributorship.com’s concern is the allocation of wealth and income through competitive distribution, which is the process that determines the flow of wealth and income to our distributors. We value the control and ownership of our website, and how leads are divided both economically and geographically between our distributor networks on behalf of all manufacturers.

Global Marketplace:

Global marketing or the broad use of international markets has been increasingly important to all businesses throughout the world. As nations become interconnected economically, technologically, and culturally. Distributorship.com is also prepared to help our distributors by guiding them into products that appeal to a wide array of needs and tastes. The internet is extremely instrumental in the expansion and future of the new global marketplace.

Business Objectives:

Our business team and strategy lead the way with focus on quality service, value, and filling existing product voids for distributors. By using four basic strategies, Distributorship.com helps plan and execute the pricing and promotions of our distributors products.  We create exchanges that satisfy our distributor’s market share objectives.

>> Market Penetration Distributorship.com (for a fee) will engage the market to help distributors by providing intense promotional, aggressive marketing, and facilitate competitive pricing scenarios for our distributors products that permeate their presence throughout the 24 major media markets in the USA.

>> Market Development Distributorship.com helps by promoting directly to consumers, “positioning” our distributors products, making them attractive and compelling to buyers.

>> Product Development Distributorship.com will also find and introduce new variations of any competing successful product line, with significant modifications and improvements, appearing consistently and rapidly.

>> Diversification – Unlike any other supplier, Distributorship.com possesses greater resources for marketing and promotional support through our internet presence. For our distributors this increases visibility to promote products directly to a large number of consumers.

As defined by the American Marketing Association, marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. The overall goal of our marketing plan is to help move the manufacturers products from the distributors, to the consumers.

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment with more products, more distribution channels, and more producers, we move to stay ahead of and understand all marketing and branding functions. Our goal is to maintain and gain future market shares for our distributor networks.

Distributor Needs:

Distributors in pursuit of higher market share need tools to help identify promising opportunities, hazards, and means for supplying the demands of retail customers. Distributorship.com's business team supports that need. It is the objective of this function to understand distributor’s wants and needs. To help sell and promote products for distributors, that result in outperforming their competition.

Retailer Needs:

Retailers seek a broad variety of  products and services at reasonable prices. New products should always include promotional materials, and sales support. In the past these demands created “discrepancies” between the economies of distributors and their suppliers. This discrepancy triggered the demand for Distributorship.com to “equalize” the offer. Distributorship.com provides marketing and intense promotional support for a fee direct to consumers on behalf of our distributors and their customers.

Consumer Needs:

At Distributorship.com, we seek to discover and measure unmet consumer needs. Such detection takes two major forms, marketing research and environmental “scanning”. Marketing research consists of reporting and forecasting sales, surveying consumers and interviewing retailers, to test the instruments used encouraging people to buy. On-site observations, buying habits and information regarding product preferences are collected.

Selling prices and promotional themes employed help discover what “market niche” our manufacturers products will fill effectively for our distributors. Not all aspects of a market situation lie within the power of Distributorship.com to command, “Scanning” the business environment serves to reveal market characteristics as they develop. Watching competitors, finding new technological applications for retailers, studying economics, social relationships, and trends enable us to anticipate changes.

Distributorship.com directs marketing and promotional activities toward maintaining the portfolio of our distributors products and services reasonably matched to emerging demands, despite uncertain consumer fads and changing tastes. Besides our internal structure, a great many outside marketing-research organizations may help our endeavor, to secure facts concerning the size and character of the market, and other factors effecting promotional decisions aimed at consumers for a particular product we create or promote.

Target Market:

Consumers have extensive choice, finding exactly what they want in just the style or form in which they want it. We identify and exploit precisely the right market for our distributors products and brands.  Target marketing requires segmenting the total projected market into smaller groups. A marketing segment is a group of buyers who have similar needs and who will respond similarly to a given offer or promotion.

Market segmentation is accomplished by considering the demographics (class, age, income), products use (frequency, application preferences), geographic location (region, local), and buyer psychology (habits, predispositions). Market segmentation does not imply that Distributorship.com will shy away from consumers simply because they do not fit a composite profile rather, segments are to classify priority customers that Distributorship.com believes will be attracted to a particular offer or promotion.

Marketing Strategy:

Our marketing strategy is the plan of attack established in order to obtain the market share goals of our distributors. Such a plan consists of generous expenditures and the allocation of our resources to the various corporate units or components involved in the success of our programs.

Sales Promotion:

Advertising alone is commonly thought to lead to higher sales and profits. Advertised products may command a higher price than those that are unrecognized, but the characteristics of a particular product are such that expenditures for advertising alone are not likely to yield much return in sales. Distributorship.com communicates offers direct to consumers and lures them into purchasing behaviors. Promotional activities may include promotional tours, advertising, direct mail, telemarketing, live demonstrations, field sales calls, special exhibits, free sample trials, and corporate public relations.

Packaging and display promotions for our products strive to clarify the attraction in target customer’s minds creating separation from the competition. We always seek effective promotional strategies; we pay close attention to the selection of media best adapted to our particular product being promoted.  The development of promotional materials used requires careful attention by all parties involved, to help influence the buying motives of consumers.

Inventory Pools:

Distributorship.com may very well be the last frontier in wholesale opportunities and distribution.  Future inventory pools will create opportunities for reducing cost, improving customers’ satisfaction, and raising sales productivity. Distributorship.com will soon supply additional inventory pools from which our distributors can quickly draw new products. 


Distributorship.com with its buying power will soon build assortments, breaking the bulk of inventories into smaller quantities, and then passing the savings along to our distributor inventory pools. Distributorship.com specializes in this area to help our network stay in control of the brands we carry or create, for example, our firm may also operate its own warehouses, or purchase entire outputs of small manufacturers, who will then produce products and private label to our own specifications.

Manufacturing Needs:

Distributorship.com creates the most effective combination for our production facilities  in  which  we collaborate,  to help supply the highest quality products for distributors. Our goal will always be large-scale production, or the largest scale of operation that will maximize any production times available, rather than mere proportions of times. Our philosophy is to transform or create a new competitive brand, increase or create that demand, and then continue to supports its growth for our entire distributor network.

Distributorship.com will render many important services to co-packers. We will create different lines of goods, and purchase in truckload quantities to maintain reservoirs of merchandise that can be drawn on by our distributor network. Our distributors maintain prompt deliveries and help by providing advisory services in connection with marketing, promoting, and selling.

Price Scenarios:

Price to our distributors is the most important decision when providing wholesale opportunities and distribution services. In general, terms, the greater the degree our manufacturers products differentiate from the competitors, the more attention can be placed on sales and support.  Fair pricing accommodates the successive tiers or intermediaries that are involved in a successful wholesale opportunity and distribution program.

CO-OP Sales & Promotional Support:

Distributorship.com. has a large support mechanism when it comes to finding our distributors additional products. Distributorship.com has been placed into the center of the industry, with 1000's of new and unique manufacturers and distributors visiting our web site every month. Distributorship.com pinpoints and attracts the largest possible audience, leading them to listen, view, and read about the most popular products in demand with the highest probability of success. Distributors can continue to build or expand their routes with a variety of products being offered by numerous manufacturers.

Market Share:

Regarding economics, Distributorship.com has an internet presence that allows for the forces of supply and demand to converge. We advertise at the virtual center of interest on the internet, designed by the term “marketplace”. This represents a very large group of manufacturers who are scattered geographically and whose bids and offers help set competitive pricing for products to be offered to our distributor network.

Trucking Included:

Transportation plays a vital role in the economic life of Distributorship.com wholesale distribution opportunity. Traditionally in the past, 80% of the cost spent on freight in the United States was on truck transportation alone (The Transportation Association of America). Distributorship.com’s dedicated traffic department has access to over 22 million privately owned and “for-hire” carriers throughout the United States, ensuring the lowest cost possible to our distributor network.


In recognition of the interrelationship with our distributors, Distributorship.com is committed to proper and orderly wholesale and distribution programs. Successful wholesale  and  distribution  services  result  from  the effective carrying out  of  well- coordinated sales and promotional programs, in which each element must support every other element.

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